The solar industry is rapidly growing, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Solar power led the way for new renewable energy by capacity in 2020, and it looks like it’s here to stay as the cornerstone of the emerging renewable energy market. In the U.S., solar has consistently ranked first or second in new energy capacity installed each year for at least the past decade. And with the world increasingly looking for more sustainable energy sources, it seems likely that solar will continue to play a significant role in meeting our energy needs into the future.

Similarly, Solar installers are one of the fastest-growing professions in America, and the trade is expected to grow even more rapidly in the next decade. In fact, recent projections show that the solar industry will have a 52% growth rate from 2019-2029, and solar installers can expect to make a median income of $44,890 per year. This is an excellent opportunity for contractors who are looking to get started in a promising and exciting sector. If you’re wondering what it takes to start your own solar business, read on for more information.

There are many businesses that focus on just solar sales. These companies do all the work of selling solar systems: getting leads, qualifying them, doing in-home or virtual consultations, and getting the customer to sign. Once a customer has signed on, these organizations then work with a contractor that takes care of the rest of the installation process. So, if sales are your thing, starting a solar business might be the perfect fit for you!

The best way for you to build your own solar business without going through zillions of start-up processes and huge capital is to partner with a broker-dealer company that allows you to grow with no limitations. There are a few broker-dealer companies out there that provide exactly that opportunity to you.

1. What is an independent solar consultant?

An independent solar consultant is a person who is knowledgeable in the solar energy field. They typically work with residential homes and are contracted with a reputed solar broker company. An independent solar consultant provides unbiased information about solar energy systems so that customers can make an informed decision about whether or not to install one. Independent solar consultants also educate their customers on how solar panels can save them money on their utility bills.

2. How to become one?

More and more people realize the advantages of solar power. It is no wonder why: it is user-friendly, it is cost-effective, and it can produce power for homes and businesses in a clean, renewable way. However, some individuals don’t know where to begin their journey toward solar power. That is where an independent solar consultant comes in and fills the gap. The process of becoming an independent solar consultant is simple, and here are the steps.

3. What are the steps?

i) Find a company that sells solar products to wholesale and retail customers.

ii) Study their product line and learn the installation process.

iii) Ask the company if they will sponsor you as a “consultant.”

iv) Create a website and offer free solar consultations in your area.

v) Begin building your solar business while working for the company.

If you want to join the solar industry, consider becoming an independent solar consultant.

Are you interested in becoming an independent solar consultant? If you are, there are many reasons why it’s for you. First, you’ll be able to work from home. This is ideal for people who enjoy being at home but also want to earn an income. Second, you’ll get your own clients. As an independent consultant, you’ll be able to have your own client base, and you’ll be able to work with people who are interested in solar power. Third, you’ll be able to make money. Many people start a solar business because they want to make money and they want to be their own boss. There are many ways to become an independent solar consultant; if you want to join the solar industry, you should consider becoming one!

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